My handcuffed Love

Section 6 - Episode 6

Anni Queen2022/06/22 19:09

After their conversation Leo got a business call and stood up. "Got to go Nina" Nina also stood up and come closer to shake her hand with him but Leo hugged him and said in her ears" no matter what Nina don't felt alone ever I'm right behind you and stay away from Seze as better as you can" then he hold her with both of his hand on her shoulders" and keep this gift close to your heart always" she nodded with charming smile. It was the most beautiful moment of her life in the arms of the person she liked the most, trust the most, want to spend her life the most. When she come out of Cafe a driver was waiting for her.

( Residence of Cassano)

It was 8' clock in the night she was standing in front of her bed and as always the door was open she open the box that Leo gave her. It was a rainbow golden heart. She smiled unknowingly and looked herself in the mirror and was trying to lock the locket behind the neck. 'as simple as I like' she said to herself. NINA SEZE! Cassano said her name madly. " What happened now?" She said.

" The Cousin was male?" He was standing with a shoulder on door. " Yeah but why are asking?" She got surprise. " Nothing just want to find out why my wife hugged him!" Cassano said, anger showing up in his words. 'Wife? He consider me as his wife now' she was thinking in her mind and as always Cassano get more and more mad to see her with blank face. " I didn't get my answer yet?" He said.

" Actually we met after 8 years so.." she wasn't looking on him. She was watching nervously her shoes. " Locket !? Does he gave it to you " he come forward and pulled up the locket from her neck." Cassano No ! " She shouted. He went up to window and threw it in the dark green land. Tears showed up in her eyes. " No one can dare to gift my girl a present other than me Understand!" He shouted on her but when he looked closely in her eyes. He was surprised to see that it was getting watery. "NINA" he said unknowingly. " You are heartless" she whispered. He was shocked for a moment and went hurriedly towards his room. The locket? The locket was right in his hand. He was doing it just to tease her but that word "HEARTLESS" just got him down for a second like someone has taken your breath for a minute. He just stayed in his room then. While Nina went downstairs in the garden and was looking into greeny grass with a torch light of phone in her hand. She was crying like a baby. That Necklace really meant to her. She was shaking because it was really cold outside.

She didn't found that Necklace. After an hour, Cassano when got into his senses went downstairs to see Nina. It was a really cold night and she was neither wearing any jacket and was barefooted looking on the floor. He silently went into garden and become stood just behind her. "Nina?" Said Cassano.

" You! Cassano why did you threw that... It was really important for me" she didn't stop saying when Cassano bring his hand out of pocket and raise in front of her " It is really cold outside don't catch cold" he silently went inside then.

" My necklace I was here for an hour and it was just in his pocket idiot" she whispered.

Then she went upstairs and looked in to mirror. "If he didn't like it maybe whenever he get mad this necklace will be his first target" then she carefully placed the necklace inside her jewelry box near her diary. " I cannot afford any madness anymore" she sneezed. Maybe i should get some coffee he was true that it is really cold outside, she said to herself. She closed her eyes but her horrible past never let her down to sleep.

"Mom please give me something to eat I'm hungry MOMMY" She screamed from the room. Ms.Seze locked her in room because some guests was coming to see Lili. "Mommy " Nina was continuously shouting for her mama. Then her dad showed up. " What's wrong Nina!".

"Dad I didn't have eat anything for two days please I'm hungry" said Nina weeping..

" I will hold you in an orphanage, you are so annoying kid" he shouted on her then locked her in the basement where there was no light, no windows and obviously no food. And after a day she was found fainted away. They got scared and took her to the hospital in order not to get arrest if she died. From there on she got herself attached with asthma. Whenever she was beaten as a source of anger from her dad her disease lingered on. It was Leo who forced Uncle Seze to send her into boarding in her teenage. He knows that almost it was the safe place to her. No doubt she was real daughter of her dad but her step mom whitewashed his dad thinking about her saying that she is a liar and keeps bad company and blah blah. Leo parents died when he was born. It was Uncle Seze who sent him to aboard for studies. He had now a restaurant in Italy. In his childhood he showed great sympathy for Nina. Nina only get love from him and now on this point she get used of it means to say she started liking him. Maybe Cassano was hurt too. It was the first time he really get hurt of someone words. like a necklace really meant for Nina, That words hits hard to him.