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My handcuffed Love

Section 5 - Episode 5

Anni Queen2022/06/22 18:17

Wind was blowing with a whistling sound. She was sitting on the bench near the fence. Birds were playing with the waves of air. She was enjoying the charming sight. It was like a feeling that she always did with Leo in her teenage.....

"Leo stop" said Nina running on rocky hills behind Leo who was taking her diary to read her secrets."Leo don't matter in girl stuff" said Nina snatching the book back. " Lili told me that you always drew a handsome man in your diary who is it?" Ask Leo. " None of your business" she teased him." Hey I'm your best buddy tell me do you like someone" his blue eyes shined with light. " Hmm you can say.." she smiled." Okay give me hint" he said. Both of them were laying on sandy floor and was looking in each other eyes. " Someone like me" said Nina. " Someone like you? Oh please there nobody in the world as a Nerd like you!" He teased him." LEO" she get mad.

( Present Day)

Mam? Mam? Time for lunch, said servant who just show up. She nodded and checked out her phone while walking into the residence area. She got a text message from Leo. 'oh you are here but I can't meet you in Cassano place let's check where should we have to meet now' she was thinking in her mind.

While Cassano was always busy in doing some Cardio exercise. Uncle John was giving him some reports of his opponents. " Sir your competitors are ready to adopt any measure to lend you down" John was standing with a towel on his shoulder waiting for Cassano to get down and sweep his sweat. " One day I will get that bastards beneath my shoe and this path is just a second away if this stupid girl gave me that card" said Cassano while slowing down the Machine. " Sir I don't think she had any!" Said John.

" Listen the Italy mafia told me that they hold that file to Nina Seze,if she didn't have any maybe she knows who have it" his forehead wrinkled.

OH My GOD, she screamed. " What happened now" Cassano got frightened for a second. " Told you so many times May why you always bring that Crab to this place" she was standing on the dining chair. "Nina mam it's Cassano favorite dish" said May. " Favorite dish? It's look like Rubbish it's taste like Rubbish and the person who eat it also a Rubbish" said Nina shouting.

"NINA SEZE AGAIN?" Cassano got mad. He at once grab her hand and pulled her towards him. " Am I rubbish to you?" It was just a second flow when his eyes get red due to anger. Nina was confused as well as nervous. She didn't know what to say. The only thing that was coming to her mind was 'Physiological Attack... Physiological attack'. "Nina Seze tell me already that Am I piece of shit for you?" He was getting mad and even mad to see her showing a blank face. She started shivering a little. " I mean" she said up. " You mean what?" He asked. " I mean that are we supposed to eat their eyes they taste like rubbish" her tongue shivered on saying rubbish. " Okay fine leave me I will try not to say that word again" she said in a apologizing manner. " Better for you!" He got a little relax." Sir have some?" Uncle John who was a old man standing just behind him with a glass of cold water. No, he refused and sit on the chair to start eating. " Cassano? I have something to ask you" she said nervously. " What?" He was taking a bite from sushi. " I have to go outside to meet one of my friend" she said. " Girl?" His eyes was focused on her blue charming and innocent eyes. " My Cousin umm Just cousin" she said. " Your family discard you already so how this cousin show up?" He took again a bite." I am going now getting late" she said and hurriedly went upstairs to get dress up unless he would ask some more questions.

But Sir, John was surprised that Cassano didn't stop her. " John, get some spectators to look on her we might get some candidate of file" said Cassano. Hey Leo! She said his name in cheering mood. Then she went upto him and sat in front of him.

"Nina I am so happy to see you healthy" he smiled." Me too I thought you will get obsessed". " Why?" He asked. " Because you know some tasty dishes to cook, if I was a chef I will eat a lot of tasty food" said Nina. " Nina I'm not a cook I just look after the chef to see wether the dish taste good".

" One day I will eat Italian food from your hand" she was smiling continuously. "Nina I got something for you" he said while handling her box" but here's the deal you have to open it when you will arrive at your home". Nina nodded. Then they had about a hour conversation how Nina was forced to marry Cassano but she clears him about the card and also Seze family. She make sure to convince Leo that Cassano doesn't hurt her in any way which was like a half true material. When they met first time Cassano was rude and selfish but after many meetings his rudeness get flow away And he get a little on smooth path. Maybe this time Cassano had another idea of getting the Gulaton file in a sweet way. Maybe he will never get that file. Or maybe there is no name like that file on the world.