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My handcuffed Love

Section 4 - Episode 4

Anni Queen2022/06/20 18:38

So what's the daily report John?,he asked. Sir almost fair routine but she did some different today, said John. What? ,His forehead wrinkled. Sir today she did morning walk and received a phone call also she spent some time in your bedroom, said John. My bedroom? Who gave her permission to enter their?,he said.

Sir I asked her but she refused saying that she just want to neat things as she is your wife now, said John nervously. Did she said that? ,He got surprise a little. Yeah! Kind of, Uncle John appeared to be confused.

She was sitting near the window of her room. The door was opened in such a way that anyone can see her right away. Nina likes to wear plain frocks and her hair without any bands. She closed her eyes while hearing the whistling of cool breeze......( Her past blown in her mind) Mom! , Said Lili. Yes honey?,said Ms.Seze.

Mom told you so many times that I don't want her in my room she always got jealous of my things, said Lili. Nina? Told you to stay in your room if you dad see you too he will again get mad, said Ms.Seze.

But Mom I did nothing what is ny mistake now,said Nina with tears in her eyes.

"You mistake is just you are our wrong decision! now get lost"...(Present Day)

"Hello?" Nina asked. " Nina how are you I heard something on news" said Leo. " That's right it just a contract marriage and nothing else, you believe me right?" Said Nina.

"Totally, Nina why your voice is changed, are you crying?" Asked Leo. "No it's just flu" she said. "Stopped I know! Don't worry about thinking of the people that doesn't care for you, told you so many times silly" said Leo. " But.." Her lips stopped. " I don't know I just don't want any tears in your eye ok I'm gonna go to a meeting bye dear" said Leo and hanged up. As soon as phoned hung, A Voice but No Almost a scream came.

" Look like he found out" she said while smiling.

NINA SEZE! GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW!!, Voice came from Cassano room.

"Yes Mr.Cassano? Oh My God who did this?" She said while acting.

" I know you did it" he replied frustratingly. His laptop where he place his important documents was ruined like someone put on his/her heels.

" What are you talking about?" She said. " Hey you came here at lunch time you have to pay for this NINA SEZE!" He almost shouted. " It was on the table how should I put my heels over there?" Nina said and turned back but Cassano didn't get his revenge. She wasn't reached her room yet when Cassano get in here got her phone and threw it out of window with full might. " You Bull*** my phone!" Said Nina.

" oh slipped poor little soul" he said smiling as he got his revenge in it . " It had.." as soon she said Cassano completed her sentence " Oh some kind of personal information it's okay I just got my anger off" he moved toward his room while Nina shout behind him " I want a new phone Cassano otherwise your phone will in trouble next moment" Piece of Rubbish she said in slow voice.

As she said voice came from Cassano room told you not to use that word idiot!". Arghhh how much time should I have to locked up here.....