My handcuffed Love

Section 3 - Episode 3

Anni Queen2022/06/20 11:29

"Nina better for you to come down in a minute" said Cassano.

" I can happily due but never gonna marry you!" She said. " So whom you like to marry?" Cassano asked." Am I supposed to tell you this?" She said confidently. "Nina do you like someone?" Anger showed up on him. "Go away !" She shouted. Cassano got a little anger on him and grabbed her hand towards him. " Do you want me to change your clothes?". "You little " she almost said but Cassano pushed her in dressing and grab her clothes and threw on her face. " 1 minute ok!" He leaved.

She started dressing up and was talking to herself ' Had not my family leave he would never dare to torture, I know all is he doing this to get that Card but he is just wasting his time on me' .

" Mam!?" , " Yeah I'm ready".

( After few days)

It was late at night, she was really hungry. Cassano kept her in a separate room with less things to eat wear and we can say that we least facilities. Everyone in the residence was keeping an eye on Nina. She carefully opened the door and a long corridor was just in front of her. Cassano room was just in front of her room. She looked around silently and went into kitchen with slow and steady steps. She opened the fridge and her blue eyes was shining in the light. " Just veggies? He claim to a millioner Bruh! I thought there would be some brownies or ice cream.... it's about a week I haven't tasted it" she said.

" There are but out of sight" a voice came. " Listen Cassano if I had any of that card I had already gave it you already but you will get nothing on torturing me again" she said innocently. When she turned around there no one behind her but keys on shelf. " Keys? For what" she picked them up and went into back kitchen where there was huge three fridges. She tried on three of them,one of them get unlocked she took a lot of her favorite things from there and almost ran towards her room. After eating them up she went to bed and while looking on roof she said " No doubt he is wasting his time but I will make him to leave me by his own" she started smiling.