My handcuffed Love

Chapter 2 - Episode 2

Anni Queen2022/06/20 06:58

(At the residence)

Move away! Get out!, She was screaming.

" What happened ? " Cassano asked with cook. " Sir as you ordered I was delivering her favorite food but she have got a gun!" He said while hiding beneath the table.

" I told you so many times to keep this things out of reach to her!" He said angrily. " Sir she had it personally in her purse maybe"Cook said shivering on hearing bang of gun.

" Nina why so silly! " He said. " Move away from me I will kill you". " you got used of me . So stupid gun" he said while slowing taking his steps forward . " I will shoot you!" She said while aiming. " You can't!". " I can!".

" You doesn't have potential to shoot me.....Now give me the gun" he said while reached near her.he grabs the gun from her hand. But Nina got on her knees " I didn't have anything! I told you so many times please let me breath my own world I have nothing nothing...." The she continues to say 'nothing' and her eyes closed and head down on the floor. " May! Changed her clothes and get her to sleep I want her tomorrow fresh and healthy" he ordered his female family servant.

The light was blurring outside the terrace. And she was in the bed with night suit on. Her purplish hairs was spread neatly on her back as May combed her hair. She was completely lost in her dream because of the medicine May gave her when lady guards pushed her in room. " Sorry Nina I just did it for sake of my job I can't help it" May said while locking the door.

( Marriage Day)

Everyone was gathered on the park of residence. Cassano was standing on stage waiting for Nina but found out that Nina was not ready. He angrily went upstairs. Opened the door forcefully " What the heck you are doing get down stairs in 2 minutes!". " I will not wear this dress" she said. " Are you coming down or I call everyone upstairs" he said. " Neither I'm coming down or someone is coming upstairs because I told you I have zero interest in a garbage piece like you! She said. " NINA! TOLD YOU SO MANY TIMES" He said. " Not to call you a Garbage piece right?" she said while mimicking him.