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My handcuffed Love

Section 1 - Episode 1

Anni Queen2022/06/20 06:58

Ding Ding!,the door bell ringed.

Yes?,she asked. Mam Sir want you in his office,the driver said.

She nodded and carefully went into kitchen grab her bag on the shelf and leaved hurriedly.

She reached the most powerful and well updated company named The Cassano's Holdings. She placed her finger quickly on lift and went straight up to 39th floor. Sweat appeared on her forehead as she looked nervous. On reaching the long corridor the servant opened the door and also announce command "Mam's here!".

"Oh please please welcome!", Cassano ( a man in his thirteens along well dressed suit with side burns and Rolex on his hand) said while kept sitting there.

"Why me again?" She said angrily. " Oh dear! You know you are my best choice as always! Don't worry it will just take few minutes"said Cassano while taking a drink."Have some?". No! She refused.

"I told you so many times that I am not a tissue which you can use when you want and waste like rubbish!" She said terrifyingly. " Oh! Why you look so scared Nina don't worry today my demand is something else" he said while watching in his glass.

She looked even more nervous and hesitated. A lot of things were coming into her mind but she can't do any of that because she was standing in front of the most powerful and richest person ever who can buy a millions of girls like her but always keep disturbing Nina.

What do you mean by something else? I'm not your servant, she said and turned back but the Cassano leaved his chair and got up with slow steps coming behind her. And a hand slowly reached her shoulder and hardly pulled her back. " Permission? Huh forgot? Nina you are my toy now you can't do this" he said while grabbing her tightly. "It wasn't my decision!". "So what? You family doesn't need you but I do!". She tried to escape from his bare hands but couldn't.

" Nina Seze or maybe I should say Nina ? I want you to marry me!" he said on leaving grip on her hands.

"Marriage? With someone like you NEVER!" She said even in shouting.

Cassano who was moving towards his chair surprisingly turned around "I'm rich,have publicity even I can buy the whole Japan so what should a girl wants

in a guy? Huh! It's my order so keep that stick in your mind, Guards take her to the room" he ordered. The lady guards show up and locked her in the Cassano room at residence.

(While in the office)

( Personal secretary) Sir it will low your reputation among your partners specially your parents, said Uncle John.

I don't care I just want that freaking card,he said.

So Sir we can torture her physically maybe she will get fearer of you, said John.

No! Last time we torcher her to death but she didn't opened her mouth,,,foolish girl, Cassano said while standing in front of the mirror where he can see many other opponent buildings.

"So you have come up with another idea?" Said John.

" Don't you get it?" Cassano smiled.