A fool like me


This poem speaks about my struggle for love, I am being treated as a fool, being mislead to being love but in the end I was not love at all

A fool like me

Will I ever find a girl

that would be honest

that would be so true

is it my destiny to be

fooled around again

and again

Being hurt once is

enough but being hurt

most of the time is so

unfair, so brutal on my

part, I end up crying as


Is this the life that is

for me, is this my destiny

to be played around and

treated as a fool, treated

as a garbage, treated as

a waste

sometimes I just wish

I was dead, buried six feet

on the ground, with my head

buried first, I am immune to

pain, immune to suffer, immune

to heartaches

A life that is intended to be

for someone like me

accept the truth and just

move on, live by for what is

in stored for me, for what

I will be

A person fooled around,

a person treated as a

nobody. a person that is me




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