Red brick building

koperon2022/05/15 13:39

I enjoyed the 60-km long mountain road more than the city itself, but the tourist attractions in Maizuru City were also good. One of them is the Akarenga Park. Maybe there are many brick-style warehouses in trading centers with foreign countries. The park is crowded with many people during the daytime, and I went there early in the morning to take pictures in a less crowded area. They direct you to the spots to take photos, but I think it is difficult to take photos in the daytime because of too many people. The building has a sense of history, and there was even an exhibition hall that tells you what kind of history there was in various stores and places, so it was an informative place to learn. Curry and lemon squash seem to be the specialty, and I had the curry, which was very simple and I felt that it was designed to be a quick and nutritious meal because of the location where it was eaten.


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