I am an ordinary person who spends my days absorbing healing energy by visiting places in Osaka and other parts of Kansai where the air feels good. I like Shinto shrines and parks, so I think I will be taking a lot of pictures like that. I wish I could travel more widely, but I regret that I can't go that far these days. I'd like to go to places where there are few people, and I'd like to take my favorite car on a trip. If you have any good photos, please feel free to comment on them so I can do my best. If you have any good photos, please comment on them and I will try my best to improve my skills. ※I used a translation tool, so I apologize if the English is strange. 大阪府を中心に関西一円の空気が気持ちいいと感じる場所へ赴いて、癒しのエネルギーを吸収しながら日々過ごしている凡人です。神社や公園が好きなので、そんな感じのお写真が多くなると思います。もっと、広く行動したいですがなかなか昨今の状況ではそんなに遠出できないのが悔やまれます。そんな中でも人が少ない場所は好きな愛車で旅に出たいと思ってます。 公式サイト:https://locahan-kansai.com/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/koperon1212/ YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthCw8ynQbkgSGs2dDS2Ifw