Link Building And Content

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Are you a blogger or website owner looking to increase the ranking and traffic in your site? We have 5 tips here you can use to do that through link building.

Link Building And Content

As we know, links are one of the most important ranking factors, especially relevant in today's Google's point-of-view.

We have to remember that the real value of any kind of content lies in its effect on search engines, and getting links is still the most reliable way to get visitors.

This time I'm writing about link building, a part of SEO that gathers many players with different motivations, specialties, and secrets.

What is Link Building?

The idea is to post some nice-looking content with a bunch of other relevant stuff around it and then try to point some links back to your primary site, and in the process, you also get ranked well by search engines.

That sounds like a great idea, right? So how do you build quality backlinks and content?

Tips on Link Building & Content

1. Join forums related to your niche and become an active member. Participate in discussions, provide helpful insight, share your knowledge.

2. Create an account on Quora and use it regularly and provide insightful answers that can help others who are looking for solutions.

3. Create guest posts on other blogs related to your niche or industry. You can also submit them to directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, etc. (paid sites).

4. Backlinks are important, but it only works if it's quality backlink. Don't build backlinks on spammy sites, try to get links from authoritative and high DA sites in your niche.

5. Build up your social media presence.  If you're active on Twitter, add relevant hashtags to your tweets such as the name of your business and relevant keywords people may be searching for in Twitter Search.

Final Takeaway

Link building and content are the most important part of on-page SEO. One without the other can be a waste of time and effort. A gradual process of building links is far more effective than a sudden one.

Lastly, it takes time to build backlinks pointing to your site. The ideal scenario is to get the first 10 backlinks within the first month, then 20, then 30, and so on, day by day.

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