Here are the Basic Rules of Blackjack

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Playing blackjack is one of the best experiences casino players get to enjoy. Here are the simple rules to get you started!

Here are the Basic Rules of Blackjack

Here are the Basic Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is undeniably an exciting time for players. What’s better is the fact that the premise for this game is rather simple than what others may lead you to believe. With the right strategies and decision-making skills, you can become incredibly wealthy playing this game. 

While enjoyment is the main purpose of any casino game, winning is as integral as well. However, nobody gets to be good at the game and start winning high payouts unless you learn the game first. 

If you decide to go play at crypto casino sites, then you should read more below to know the basic rules and how to play the game of blackjack.

Blackjack’s objective 

The goal of blackjack is simple: Accept the drawn cards by the dealer and hope that your hand’s value is closest to 21. If you do get lucky and draw two cards that equate to 21, then you just got yourself a blackjack and automatically win the round. 

Value of the cards in blackjack 

For players to recognize that their cards are built to win in a single round, each pip and face value has specific equivalents that add to certain numbers. For instance:

When cards drawn from 2 to 10 are taken by their face values, then the values are taken as is regardless of the suit. 

When cards are drawn from face cards (King, Queen, and Jack), the value is always 10. 

Aces are valued in two ways. The first one is at 1 and the second at 11. The value depends entirely on the second card alongside the Ace. If the circumstances are favourable and you get a 10 or any face cards, then 11 is the most optimal value since it adds to 21.

Blackjack basics 

Now that you are familiar with the objective and the value of each card, here is how you start playing the game:

The game starts when a player places a bet. Players must first take into account the accepted betting numbers before playing another round. 

Once the bet is placed, the dealer will then deal two cards, one faced up while the other one faced down. 

The players will then be asked to either ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ on their given turn. Hit means the player asks to be drawn one or two cards to be able to reach 21. This means that the hand is too low of a value to just stand on its own. A stand means that the player is confident in his hand and possibly has great cards that are close to the value of 21. However, if the cards go past 21 when hitting, the players immediately bust and lose the round. 

After the player’s turn to decide whether or not to hit or stand, the dealer will then reveal the face-down card to try to build a blackjack. 

To win blackjack, three scenarios must be played out: First, you have to be fortunate enough to get a hand-drawn with blackjack already. Second, you must establish a hand that’s closest to 21 without busting. And lastly, if you strategically hit on his already established hand and don't bust, then you win in all these three circumstances.

As you can see, blackjack is not a difficult game to understand at all. If you choose to play at a crypto casino right now, chances are, you will learn as you go during a round in blackjack. 

Winning is another story. To do so, you have to master each skill required to win in blackjack like hitting, standing, or splitting your hand. With enough practice and experience, you too will start winning more in this amazing game. 


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