Chapter 9 - Dimensions

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:22

I seek the place I am meant to belong

I have been searching so far and for so long

I feel like I have always been on the run

From this reality to a false dimension

This frustration and envy I don't know where they are from

But I do know I will find the place it won't be long

Would it be at death's door or after being awakened to the morningsun

The ideas I made have all but gone

But i am still searching

For a reality that will fit me perfectly

But why do all these thoughts leave me hurting

I guess I will still keep on searching

Is this the right place or is it wrong?

These thoughts try to resurface but I keep them sunk

In the depth of my mind where the others belong

It seems I found it ,my reality, my dimension

Up here, in my head. Sorry myself I have always been wrong

I just need the peace and quiet, please leave me alone

The voyage has been tiring, I have been doing this all on my own.