Chapter 10 - Beautiful

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:18

Isn't it Beautiful being all alone?

My body is living and my heart isn't my own

It's just fake smiles I have ever known

Pasted on my face with a saddened moan

I have found a land where my name is cloned

Layed down in my bed looking at my grey stone

Isn't it Beautiful when one is sinful?

Given in to our desires looking so pitiful

Living our lives thinking it's so blissful

Trying so hard to solve life's riddles

Never has my lies become so skillful

Now all i can do is watch the life whittle

Isn't it Beautiful when one has been lost for years?

A long journey that feeds my fears

Nobody around to lend me their ears

A captioned lie to feed my hungry tears

Not one or two but many volunteered

Watch as this glow disappears

Isn't it Beautiful when it's all unknown?

My fascade has been well honed

Or has it? I don't even know

I am false and I need to be atoned

Shredded to pieces, shredded to bones

A place that was once called my own

And they greeted 'Welcome home'