Chapter 8 - Moonlight sleep

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:18

Night, the quiet time when the city is asleep

The beautiful land that glows a silver-white gleam

I just want to lay on the land and  bathe in its beautiful beautiful beam

For this calming light I shall lay where I am, frozen in time.

The sun, powerful and proud like a father

The moon, calm and dangerous like a mother

I, the child, shall indulge in both but I love my mother like no other.

Silent and at bliss on my grassy cradle falling asleep. Further and further

The symbol of rest and night

Of the hunt, of predator and prey

Most beloved mother in this grass bed I lay

Cradle your son, your child to sleep

Until I awake from your husbands morning beam

Indulge me further mother to my childish dreams

Deeper and deeper to land a land unseen

- KrakenBorn/SeekerOfGold