Chapter 7 - A dye of spheres

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:22

Have you ever looked up to the night sky?

So many dots that go beyond my minds eye

Coloured the sky's with their heavenly lights

True beauty cannot be denied

So limited to my vision, I just want to travel far

In my dreams, I have a misson to touch the wonders of stars

From each solar system to another

I shall aim my dreams deeper and further

A life I can call my own

With the night lights I shall not be alone

From each shooting star to comic lights

I feast my eyes on this wonderus sight.

I am not the first to see this universe

A dotted night makes a blissful hearth

A Dye for the night are blessed Spheres

Ohh dear universe I am here