Chapter 6 - A touch of red and white

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:18

White, so pure, so clean, so untainted

Used by the God's, blessed to be sainted

Most loved colour, used for the Virgins

Free of all hate, free of all burdens

Red, so feared, so loved, so tainted

Used by sinners, cursed to be unsainted

Colour of the dis-virgined, colour of love

Shade of danger, so many meanings yet not enough.

It may result to crime and dangers

Yet valentine shall always be with me

A touch of both shall set me free

There is no fault or the faulted, just lovers and the haters

A touch of new dawn and moonlight

A love that might be fated for the beggers and none

A story shall be told through my life

Never be afraid of a bunch of red And white

It will only make it more fun, young ones.

A story once said; has begun.