Chapter 5 - Dear Mother

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 14:21

I have been an orphan as long as I have remembered

Lost a family and never a member

Jumping from one Foster home to another

Don't get me wrong, I once had a mother

She was always high as the heavens

From the day she birthed me till she left, I was seven

I wonder how she lived with the drugs in her body

Eight years old, I was talking to my mirror and nobody

I am called a child, a lost orphan

Had no parents and no love, never often

No father and a dead mother

Fosters make me dead longer

Eighteen years old, ten years has passed

Finally on my own, alone at last

A self granted mission to run from care

My dead mother I what I fear

I have never seen someone so shallow

I guess my life has always been foreshadowed

So consider my surprise when I saw her in my room

Back from my job, bitter and bruised

She complained on how I was not a good son

But I can see it in her eyes that she is having fun

A whole worse considered for the title

She complained 'my son I could not find you'

And she was lost in my life

Even if she is back, she is still lost in time

Lost my mother, escaped from her side

Devil I believe you have found a bride


(Based of a story from:Isabellagcn)