Chapter 4 - Void and Black

SeekerOfGold/KrakenBorn2022/01/28 13:58

Ohh darkest light, hail my sin

Where death trails i shall be seen

Ohh void blight, feed on my sorrow

Take my joys and make no tomorrow

Ohh black night, darken my way

Make it so that it shall never be the same

Corruption and lost, such vanity of man

Corrode the stones on which we stand

Break the tiles and ceiling covers

On this land death shall hover

Void is empty

And shade is dark

No words to express the truth of my heart

Empty and null, a dark hole

Eyes are the windows to the soul

And so where did my eyes go?

I am perfected to be rotten

A full nothingness

My existence is a token

Void and black have a love unspoken