zoar2022/01/28 06:13

The unfinished memories


I was staring at my family

What a messy day for me

Everyone has a work to do

But I was here taking a rest

Waiting for the dinner to come

My mother doesn't need to call me

Because my mother tell me to manage my time

But they lost their time on mine

I get up just like any other day

As I go to the dinner, eating all alone

I saw my sister running in stairs crying

Till she disappear in my gaze

Everyday was a same day

I watch kids in the window as they play

Make me feel more hopeless

How long could I stay?, my family is in pain

But I was also in pain

Can they share a time while I can stay

Or I'll just wait till the end

I need to do something before the end

I go to my mother's room

And I hear sobs with despair

I was worried so I go straight

Then I see a picture of me being held

I hear footstep of my dad

I was about to ask

But he go straight to where I am

Went pass to me to hug my mom

He never notice me

She didn't see me

I wasn't here in reality

But can't they feel me?

I notice the reality now

That's why they become so busy now

I never know that I was so


Alone is what we are now.


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