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What is Collabo?

Collabo is an optional feature that you can permit other users to freely post derivative works (including translations) besed on your original work and receive royalties.

When Collabo is enabled on the original work, other users can freely post its derivative works. The users in the same Collabo group (the original work and its derivative works) can also reuse their works one another.

When bitcoin is tipped for a derivative work, after the handling fee is deducted, the half is paid to the user who posted the original work as a royalty, and the other half is paid to the user who posted the derivative work.


  • Create a comic or an image from the novel
  • Create a side story or a sequel from the original story
  • Create a new derivative work (comic) from the original work (novel) and its derivative work (image)
  • Translate the original work into another language

How to enable Collabo on the original work?

Go to the edit page of the original work and select "OK" at "Collabo".

※ Once Collabo has been enabled, disabling Collabo can not restrict the activities for the derivative works that has already been created, and only ristrict creating new derivative works thereafter.

How to post a derivative work?

  1. When a post is Collabo OK, a link to the Collabo page is found at the top of the published page.
  2. Go to the Collabo page and press the "COLLABO WITH THIS POST" button at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to create a template for a derivative work. Then edit and publish it.