What is Collabo?

Collabo is an optional feature that allows other users to freely post derivative works (including translations) of the original work.

When Collabo is enabled on the original work, other users can freely post derivative works of the original and other derivative works. It's also allowed to incorporate the derivative works into the original work.

As for bitcoin tipping to a derivative work, after the handling fee is deducted and half of the remaining amount is paid to the original creator as a royalty, the remaining amount belongs to the creator of the derivative work.

(Examples of Collabo)

  • Create a comic or image from the original novel
  • Create a side story of the original novel or comic
  • Create a story from the original images such as character illustrations
  • Create a new derivative work (comic) from the original work (novel) and another derivative work (image)
  • Translate the original work into other languages

How to be the original creator?

Go to the edit page of the original work and select "OK" at "Basic info" > "Collabo".

※ Once Collabo was enabled, disabling Collabo can not restrict the activities for the derivative works that has already been created, and only ristrict creating new derivative works thereafter.

How to Collabo with the original work?

  1. Go to the published page of the work which you want to Collabo with.
  2. If you can Collabo with it, there is a link to Collabo page.
  3. Go to Collabo page by the link and click the "CREATE A NEW POST" button at the top of the page to create a template for a derivative work of the original work.
  4. Edit the template and publish the work.

You can also find works which you can Collabo with here