Dr Strange

I am Doctor Muhammad Abdullah and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I take pleasure in engaging myself in learning about new and exciting areas. I have plenty of experience in the mental health field and stress and Anxiety related problems life style modifications to be more capable of combating new infections and diesases like our ancestors as I have a bachelor’s in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery and have worked as Telemedicine consultant Moreover I have done certifications in Infectious diseases control/COVID 19 and any other possible pandemic tackling and maneuveurs from WHO London School of Hygeine and tropical Medicine And UK Public Health Rapid support team I am expert in Research about most talked topics of our society I have been activist for promoting Healthy Minds for transforming society in Pakistan Lahore with various activities in Collabaration with British Council and other local govt bodies I have grown up being really in