Saeed Risalat

Saeed Ahmed Khan Introduction Saeed Ahmed Khan is a retired Pakistani Air Force (PAF) officer with a distinguished career spanning 32 years. Born in April 1970 in Pakistan, he completed his Matriculation from Sain Bonaventure High School in Hyderabad and his Fsc from PAF College Sargodha. He then went on to earn a Bsc from PAF Academy Risalpur and a Masters in Military Sciences from Air War College Karachi. Throughout his career with the PAF, Khan served on various bases and held various appointments. He was an active sportsman and pursued his passions for target shooting and hunting. In addition to his military career, Khan has also been an avid reader, writer, and poet throughout his life. He has a deep love for literature and has traveled extensively, gaining a lifetime's worth of experiences and insights. Khan's love for the outdoors extends to his passion for birds and bird breeding. He is an experienced bird fancier and has dedicated much of his time to the study and c