I have a dream to become a renowned artist and to display Faith with the use of a pencil. Because art is not valued in my nation, my talents would undoubtedly improve if I had the opportunity to attend a school abroad. I don't have the financial means to send myself to a foreign school, but I do have a few supporters who believe in me. The only thing that matters is that I believe in myself and that God believes in me too. I've been discouraged so many times because I don't have the facilities or I’m not in a setting that allows me to improve my art. My father's company was booming, and he had already made arrangements for me to study art abroad, knowing how much I loved it. The business situation deteriorated, and the plans basically faded away. My parents will be proud of me if I pursue my ambition, but seeing them struggle to pay bills makes this a hardship for them. I want to go to Massart in Boston God bless you as you help a young, motivated girl in living her dream