Learn Effective Steps to Address QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Error

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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll issues efficiently. Find solutions to fix errors and get your payroll system back on track for seamless operations.

Learn Effective Steps to Address QuickBooks Payroll Not Working Error

QuickBooks payroll not working error is a common payroll issue that can arise while running important payroll functions. This issue can prevent users from accessing the features seamlessly and can get triggered due to some common reasons, like poor network connectivity or an invalid security certificate. If you are getting the QuickBooks Desktop payroll not working error, you can perform the effective steps given below to terminate the issue on priority.

If the reliable solutions provided in this article seem troublesome to understand, or these steps are taking longer than expected, you can call our team of QB technicians at +1-855-738-2784 to get direct assistance with the payroll issues in the app.

List of Main Reasons and Factors Leading to the QuickBooks Payroll Not Running Error

If you are unable to run QuickBooks payroll, the following common causes and scenarios might lead to the issue -

  • You are trying to send the payroll data in a multi-user environment, which can cause access issues while running payroll.

  • There are internet connection issues, and the connectivity might be poor, unreliable, or unstable while running the payroll function.

  • The payroll security certificate might be invalid, expired, or outdated, which can be another reason for payroll issues in the app.

  • Your system's date and time settings might be incorrect or set to another time zone, which can be another reason for the payroll issues.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Tackle QuickBooks Payroll Stopped Working Error

The payroll not working error in QuickBooks Desktop can be eliminated by using the reliable steps given below -

Solution 1 - Remove the Browser History and Exclude Revocation from the Tools Tab

You can tackle the QB payroll not working error by removing the browser history and deleting revocation from IE -

  • Open IE and select Browsing History from the General tab to choose the Temp Internet Files option and hit Delete to remove the history.

  • Hit OK and go to the Tools menu of IE to choose the Advanced menu option, followed by deselecting the Publisher's Revocation and Server Certificate Revocation options.

  • Lastly, hit OK and restart your PC to run the QuickBooks payroll function and check if the issues are successfully dismissed.

Solution 2 - Edit the TLS Settings and Restore the Advanced Setup of IE

You need to ensure that the TLS settings are correctly set to run the payroll function without issues.

  • Exit QuickBooks and select the Tools menu of IE to choose Internet Options, followed by selecting Restore from the Advanced tab.

  • Now, choose TLS 1.0 and uncheck the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 options to rerun QuickBooks by hitting OK and exiting Internet Explorer.


QuickBooks payroll not working error can be easily terminated by using the relevant methods provided in this blog. In case these solutions seem unsuccessful in resolving the payroll issues, you can call our QB specialists at +1-855-738-2784 to get direct guidance with the same.

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