Classroom Learning Vs E-Learning

TURNI MONDAL2021/11/25 02:37

Classroom Learning Vs E-Learning :

The most crucial part of students life is to learn good communication skills , discipline in life , social interaction and an optimistic attitude . These qualities can only be achieved when there is a live interaction between the student and the teacher . In classroom learning their is always a positive competition in the class and students can clarify their doubts on the spot . In classroom Teacher plays a great role in personality development.

But E-learning has a very strong advantage that people has different pace of learning and E-learning allows students to take as much time as they want and speed up their learning process . Also a remarkable advantage of E-learning is , if your concept is not cleared you can see that part of the lecture as many time as you want and the lecture also be saved in the device, which gives you the access to go through it whenever you want .

But yes there are many difficulties in E-learning like -

i. Not everyone there is high speed internet connectivity

ii. Continuously using mobile or laptop for class will definitely put a strain in your eyes .

iii. Every parents does not know how to use this kind of platform .

Not only this , the most nostalgic part of everyone life in their school or college life , which will never happen in E-learning .


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