Love's Height

Patra2021/11/17 21:38

A love poem that expresses the height of love felt in a person's heart even though it's just new.


To have been told “I love you” by you could well be, for me, the highlight of my life,

The best feeling, the best peak on my feeling graph, in the way that the highest mountain could reach,

might not be the tallest building in the NY sky but is the best,...

The most exquisitely spired, heard, not impaired.

As for the rest, the ones that signifies the purest greatness, your smile not tainted, painted in red and white, and me colour,

The spare that clears the air...

So improbable!  To have met you at all and then

to have been told in your soft young voice so soon

after meeting you: "I love you." 

And I felt the mystery

of being that you, of being a you and being

loved, and what I was, instantly, was someone

who could be told

"I love you" by someone like you. 

I was, in that moment, new;

you were impulsive; I was there in front of you, with a future that hadn't yet been burned for fuel; I had energy like a tire;

you had beauty unexplained with words; and your eyes were a pale blue,

and they backed what you said with all they hadn't seen,

and they were the least ambitious eyes I'd known,

the least calculating, and when you spoke and when

they shone, perhaps you saw the feeling you caused inside of me.

Perhaps you saw too that the feeling would stay.


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