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The three young men who are expected to lead the great empire get into trouble and go through many hardships to overthrow the powerful king who is in power by mistake.


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 In the last years of the apostolic rule. There were many Kings but later they came became one but there were families who were separated or the clan of people grew up hearing there an emperor’s but they didn’t live in any man. People lived in difficult situation but loving condition while others adapter to the harsh condition of life. That was their life.

There was one empire was called Hazlet. Hazlet was led by Emil, the good man was wise and loving men to his people. Hazlet had a very large population of people but the emperor guided them well with his army and ensured the general safety of all the border of Hazlet and all the people.

Hazlet was safe until things started to change, years after moving on the men grew old because the emperor had two child boy and girl named Ellis and Loretta were still kid. His wife died after giving birth to a baby girl Loretta. So king bought a prophet Nathaniel, he could look at who would rule Hazlet for years to come but what happened after the confrontation no one will take the throne. King asked Nathaniel what to do, Nathaniel sees a star of three young men who will lead Hazlet including the son of the emperor.

King after Knowing that Hazlet would have three Kings who would come to lead it, he decides that two young men should be sought but king did not take long to die and since Ellis had not reached the age of majority to take over his father’s rule so his father’s army leader took over. Under the leadership of leader Salvatore, king Salvatore wife was a low level leader in leadership was killed and left a young child Martha before her husband took power, he took the lead to lead Hazlet but things changed after hearing fortune teller Nathaniel talking about the young men who would come to rule Hazlet, Salvatore out of a desire for power he decide to kill all three young men who come to lead Hazlet. He began strategies and plans to hunt down two young men who the star of zodiac shines upon them concerning the kingdom.

He started with two young men on the sidelines first because he knew if he killed them, it would be easy to finish the Kings child Ellis because he was in his empire.

King Salvatore began to lead Hazlet indiscriminately while killing people who were opposite his rule, Hazlet the strong city began to look bitter, Nathaniel will have to speak to king Salvatore but he has not changed the course of his rule.

Twenty years later.


The city of Hazlet came to change and life became difficult for many people and people became working without pay, the prophet Nathaniel decides to seek out two young men, believing that they are no would enough to make a revolution and to over throw the King Salvatore while the prophet Nathaniel is in process of seeking, King Salvatore he comes to know Nathaniel plans and decide to make   a plan to kill him so that the prophecy will not be fulfilled.

Nathaniel also found out that king wanted to kill him so he searched for Ellis and told him the truth about the predictions about Hazlet after Ellis was informed by prophet Nathaniel he was given three white stars held together and then the Nathaniel told him when a young man with a star to lead Hazlet caught or touched it one of these stars will shine.

Ellis directed by prophet Nathaniel the young men are in a village called Hillzet, so Ellis said goodbye to his young sister Loretta and then he went to Hillzet to find two of his fellow leaders to unite to over throw the King Salvatore.

Hillzet the small village when two young men who have star to be king one was called Thomas and another Milton.

Thomas is a young man whose father is a manufacturer of traditional weapons so Thomas is well versed in the use of traditional weapons such as Arrow, swords and knives.

Milton is a young man who is with his teacher who is the one who is rising him, His parents killed by the army of the emperor Salvatore in the past. Milton is skilled of war he knows martial arts and ninja skills.

Ellis has arrived Hillzet is a stranger and appear to be a man from a certain kingdom due to his appearance, he enters the restaurant to get some food and then thieves attack him and want to rob him of his belongings but he started fighting with them but one of the thieves took the bag and ran away with it Ellis got angry and beat them all and start chasing the one who took his bag and sword. When the thief was fleeing, Thomas was at a distance he saw the thief being chased because Thomas is a resident of the village and decided to help Ellis even though he did not know him.

Thomas fought the thief and took the bag Ellis while he was fleeing and chased by other thieves he saw a young man helping him, he gets close to him and he was given his bag but when he was given his bag the three stars’ object fell off and Thomas picked it up to give him but one of the shine, Ellis knew he found the first boy after that Thomas took Ellis with him home, Ellis meet Thomas father and inform them everything about the predictions about Hazlet.

Thomas’s father understood him and Thomas also understood him, so they started worked together to find the last boy Milton, they searched for him very unsuccessfully because Milton and his teacher was in wild contemning his ninja training. They began searching for him by making many boys to touch the stars but no one shine.

While we’re still searching for Milton King Salvatore he received a report that Ellis had gone to look for his fellow youths to over throw him. He decided to send a squad to kill him and the two young men before they returned to Hazlet.

King Salvatore had his daughter Martha who was older her daughter wanted to visit all the places around Hazlet, so she took some guards to protect her while she was on a journey to see the size of Hazlet city.

An army ordered to Ellis in order to archive his goal of overthrowing King Salvatore on the way to the forest on their way to Hillzet they meet Milton teacher on horse, the commander army attacked him without any purpose Milton teacher try to defend himself but he got beat up, they left him in critical condition but he struggled and managed to take horse then continued on his way to Milton. Milton surprised to see his teacher being beaten, he ran and got him off the horse and his teacher told him that Hazlet army had done this to me as it had done to your parents after saying that teacher died.

Milton decides to go Hazlet to take revenge.

Martha on the way she was attacked by bandit, they killed all guards who were guarding her but she was lucky to run away with the horse but the bandit did not leave her they decided to chase her. She ran on horse while chased by bandits behind.

Milton was on his way to Hazlet when he saw in the distance a person being chased by bandits, Martha was running her way toward Milton then when she gets close to Milton her horse was hit by arrow and fell down, Martha started screaming for help, bandits get close her and want to something bad to her, so Milton decided to help her and then intervened to help her. Milton the brave young man began to fight with bandit did not take time because he had enough training in fighting he controlled them for a very short time but when he controlled them he was slightly torn apart by sword.

After Milton defeating all bandits he lifted her up where she was, Milton was surprised to see a beautiful girl also Martha saw the wonders of a young man of the same age as her being very capable of fighting like that. Martha saw the part where Milton has been cut and she took a piece of cloth and tied it.

Martha said to Milton, am daughter of the King of Hazlet, Milton was shocked that he had helped the daughter of the King, Milton told her he is going Hazlet in search of life. Martha accompany with Milton to Hazlet but Milton saw this as good way for establish a friendship with the king’s daughter in order to take his revenge.


Ellis and Thomas decide to return to Hazlet after searching for Milton without success. They arrive at Hazlet at night and enter the palace, Ellis has plans to make Thomas one of the guards at the palace. Ellis plan was to put Thomas to be one of the armament crew the day king will need armament.

Ellis goes to the King to apologize but Ellis doesn’t tell the truth he tells the King “What he has been seeking Hillzet he has not found. The King was very happy to hear that Ellis had failed to found his fellow young men, however, the guards king had sent back report is Ellis had not found his fellow young men.

Martha and Milton on their way to Hazlet Martha is very impressed with Milton, due to his courage, his appearance, his generosity so Martha tells Milton “from your fighting skills when we get Hazlet I will make sure you will work on palace as a guard if you agree with me” because Milton he is seeking for revenge he agree with her.

They arrived at the palace Hazlet and Martha told his father all things that happened on the way and the King was glad to hear that young man Milton helped his daughter, Martha also told her father that Milton he has no place to go, so let him stay on palace as a guard, the King found it difficult to trust Milton but because his daughter had persuaded the King agreed that Milton will be one of the guard at palace.

After Milton was allowed to be a guard, as he was walking around looking at Hazlet environment then he meet Loretta, Milton asked her to show him the environment of Hazlet kingdom, Milton was impressed by Loretta’s generosity from that day Milton and Loretta turned out to be very close. One day Martha went to Milton’s room to look for him but she did not found him but she saw a piece of cloth she had tied Milton the day he was cut with sword still with blood so, she took it and wanted to go wash it as she was about to wash it she saw Milton and Martha talking and having fun together, Martha became jealous and angry because she had already began to love Milton, the piece of cloth she holding in her hand she threw it away, the cloth fell off Elli’s shoulder, Ellis didn’t know there is a piece of cloth had fallen off his shoulder and he went to his room and was shocked to see a bloody piece of cloth on his shoulder he took it from his shoulder and threw it and it fell on the device that the prophet Nathaniel had given him and then one of the stars shines.

He was shocked to see the situation and he went out and looking around to see who threw the cloth but he didn’t see anyone.

Thomas had already joined the royal army as one of the foremost manufacturers of weapons.

The King organize a feast to celebrate his reign so the King wanted the ceremony to have guards fighting competitions to show that his kingdom is strong and could not be overthrown by anyone and show the bravery of his guards so, the guards were selected to participate in competitions one of the chosen Ellis, Milton and Thomas were selected to participate. A fight took place where Milton showed more ability than all the guards and Ellis and Thomas also showed their best ability as well. The King was impressed with the ability of Milton so, king took Milton and gave him a job to kill Ellis. Milton decided to tell Loretta because he loved her so much.

Loretta after being informed she told Ellis to be carefully, Ellis called Thomas after being informed that someone was hunting him down to kill him while they were in his room discussing Milton sneak in because he was following Ellis for everything he will do, every move but Ellis was not a fool he had devised a plan to deal with the murderer who was ordered so, Ellis to call Thomas was a plan to kill the murder. Milton followed Ellis not to kill him he was plan to discuss with him so they can work together because he was seeking for revenge of his teacher and his parents.

Milton, he followed Ellis but it was a trap but he didn’t know after get near Ellis room he open the door and went inside but Ellis and Thomas they were hiding inside and waiting for him to come in and kill him.

After Milton get in they came out from where they were hiding and starting fighting with him, they fought bin the room while Milton was defending his life but Ellis and Thomas were plotting to kill him. Milton tried to convince them that he is not their enemy but they didn’t listen to him until Milton during fight, he fell down and when he was trying to stand up he grabbed the three stars’ device and one of stars’ shine showing the one who seized the device is one of the young men who was predicted by prophet Nathaniel to come and lead Hazlet.

After that they sat down together each breathing heavily from the fighting then they understood each other and Milton understood everything, all three fulfilled so the plan was to remove the King from power.

Since Milton is a good guard, he began to persuade some of the guard’s o join him in overthrowing the emperor. Thomas the manufacturer of the weapons began secretly developing weapons that will be used during the revolution. Ellis persuaded some of the king's assistant and the people to join him one of the leaders who opposed the king’s rule agreed to join him.

All three United the people they found and formed a revolutionary group that will oust the King from power. The King announced that he wanted to change some rule and laws of Hazlet so that all army and leader will be there. Milton, Ellis and Thomas planned it to be the day to overthrow the king. King was didn’t knew that Milton had turned against him and that his plan to kill Ellis was no more.


The day the King had planned came and he arranged for a meeting to be held outside the royal palace. A large number of guards guarding the royal palace went to the meeting and a few guards remained to escort the King to the meeting.

Ellis, Thomas and Milton after seeing the few guards remain they use that opportunity to invade the palace and began to kill one guard after another, since they were planning to overthrow the king’s fortress their army was fighting fiercely and carefully to ensure that the King is not going to get a second chance.

The King in his room getting ready for the meeting he is informed that the palace has been invaded by three young men they lead the invasion including Milton, Ellis and Thomas the armor maker, after the King been informed he understand that Ellis had played a game against him but he found two young men who had come to overthrow him.

The King ordered the remaining guards to fight and if they got a chance to they had to kill them.

Milton then met the king’s chief bodyguard who had killed his teacher so he was angry finally to meet him and he wanted to kill him to revenge his teacher death they fought and eventually Milton killed him.

Ellis also fought and was able to kill many guards and get close to the king. On Thomas side he was skilled at using weapons so he killed many guards by using knives, arrows and swords.

The King, after seeing that his bodyguards were overwhelmed, he ordered one of the guards to report to the meeting so that they could come and help. The king’s daughter after seeing her father attacked by the children of the previous king and the she saw Loretta supporting his brother Ellis, she decided to follow her and kill her but Loretta wasn’t lazy girl she fight her and she defeat her, she left Martha lying unconscious.

King arrives to pick up his daughter and finds her lying on the ground he got angry and being confused Milton appeared and began to fight, the fight takes a time then Martha got up and took an arrow and struck Milton on the shoulder. Milton fell down and king took a sword to go and finish him off but Ellis and Thomas arrive at a time and help him the they start attacking the king, king was not lazy he fights, he struggled but he failed to defeat them because they were brave and strong than him.

Ellis, Thomas and Milton all took arrows and struck King in the chest, king fell from top to the bottom through the window

Martha wasn’t dead she woke up again with an arrow but Loretta stabbed her and killed her. A guard sent by king to the meeting to call the guards for help found King Salvatore is already dead, so Hazlet remained ruled by three young men namely Ellis, Thomas and Milton.









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