Shafaa Dissolve Macrodose Magic Mushroom Capsules – 5g

Fantasylandshrooms2021/11/11 12:06

These SHAFAA vegan macrodose magic mushroom capsules are carefully made for easier digestion of higher dose psilocybin mushrooms. 100% natural premium-grown psilocybin cubensis mushroom is the content of every capsule that is carefully made to contain 500 mg of active fungus. -Enhance your mood, clarity, and boost creativity with these simple and tasteless capsules -Customizable and easy-to-regulate dosage -Each capsule contains 500 mg (0.5g) of dried magic mushrooms -10 Capsules for a dose of 5 g of dried magic mushrooms -Non GMO, preservative free, Kosher & Halal certified, gluten-free natural gelatin vegan capsules Our site:-

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