The joys of childhood

Jessiepinkss2021/11/10 23:08

Its a poem on reminiscence of the old childhood days, how it had brought happiness and plays, which adulthood makes us leave behind......this poem is like a reminder of what it was like to be young and free.

The joys of childhood

Joys of childhood

The joys of childhood.

Its blissful moments ,that filtered our existence, sheer evidence of our vitality.

The joys of childhood.

The times when we had no cares in the world, when our present mattered, never the future.

Its remembrance still stuck in my head, like it was yesterday.

The happy times, even the sad times, brings thoughts that causes tingles to my heart, and smile to my lips.

The joys of childhood.

How time flies, but brings with it lovely memories of the past, as a souvenir.

Childhood days, more could be said of it, than that of adulthood, the sweet lullaby from its times, kept us safe from reality.

The days when we know not of fear, just cheer.

The times that brings with it great joy.

The joys of childhood, my days of peace, happiness and great possibilities, when all was play and no work.

It made us see the world at its beauty, where all was with bright colors, never white and black.

It brought with it freedom, filling our hearts with warmth, the times we played at our fullest, dined at our fullest, smiled at our fullest, every single emotion felt and given was at its peak, not holding back.

Days where we know no malice, no heartbreaks, no betrayal, just pure happiness.

The joys of childhood.

Those were the times to be remembered, the times when we were on top of the world, where the credibility of our abilities was at its full potential.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I'd turn it back to my childhood days.


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