Patra2021/11/10 12:32

A poem that touches the soul, opens your eyes to what love really is and should be.



Where do I begin from?...the middle is a storyline and the end cannot curtail it's conclusion.

Life and love seem to be the two most important element to living.

Love as simple as it sounds makes the most powerful waves in a humans' life, heart.

There's no such thing as a wrong or right love, there's only making the decision to love the wrong or right person.

Love as common as is found among humans, is scarce in the hearts of many.

Love, the only force that breaks a curse,

The only light that finds the lost.

The only line that can uphold a falling star from dieing,

Love does immitate, never irritates,

It can make you play polo but watch it! You just might laugh solo.

Love opens that right door in your heart that closes the wrong ones

It can put so much smile on your face and yet take it all away when it's not love that pretends to be love.

The ones who make you fall hardest are the ones you take closest, but love makes it easiest.

No! It never steals but gives away still...

Love, the a-lone word that makes the best meaning just by giving,

It is known to open more doors than close opportunities.

Is knows to mend more hearts than break any spirit.

Love trust even when there's no hope left,

Love is the only strong hold to the weakest hope.

Love last, stays still without any steel....

Love only knows the future, found the beginning but knows no ending.

You'll know it's love because every string pulled makes the best sound,

It gives the worst song the best rytheme,

It gives the least words the best meaning,

Love listens, fix things, doesn't mix things.



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