Intertwined Love & Distant Pain

Damien2021/11/09 04:43

About a love that hurts so the partner has to let go of the hand of her partner so he can love another women but she also cannot live in this world where he doesn't love her.

Intertwined Love & Distant Pain

Intertwined Love and Distant pain

Is my love so weary ?.
My pain so eerie !.

Cold hands I touch .
Yet loved so much.

Shall this pain be left untouched ?
Whilst my eyes want to erupt !.

Feeling disgust and stomach clutched!.
Whilst your love for me is corrupt.

Like rain which has touched the ground .
My love for you is bound.

Of course I want to leave! ,
for you not to grieve.

Let go of you I must .
For you to gain another's Trust.

So here I say my goodbye.
Tho My love for you is still as vast as the blue sky.

For my love for you I have to let go .
May Joy and Happiness for you be bestow.

For now I will soar the skies .
And guide you from above and watch the sunrise.

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