The Proudful Vs Common man

Lion2021/11/05 16:05

Once upon a time there was a man full of pride & arrogance who seek to cross a certain river with a canoe, he met a common man who uses the canoe as means of earning for his family, on that faithful day the proudful man boarded the canoe of the common man, while on the go the proudful man ask the common man " do you know geography? The common man said " oh he used to live here in our village years but the proudful replied " dull brain. The proudful man asked another question again "do you know Chemistry? And the common man said "oh chemistry is now married with 3kids & the proudful said stupid man, not quite long their was a heavy storm which the canoe was about sinking & the common man asked" the proudful a question "do you know swimmingnology, sharkyology & crocodileology??? The proudful man said no & the common man said then you die there....

The Proudful Vs Common man

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