He smiled again

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There's a lot of power in friendship


There was something so wrong with Tom. He used to stay isolated and never mingled with his classmates. Even during his break time, he used to sit in a corner near the class window. Day by day, he was going from bad to worse. I used to play with all my friends during break time. But, one day I just decided to confront Tom about his behavior in the class.

I (Mike) finally went and asked him, "Tom why don't you talk to other classmates? Why don't you have any friends? Why do you always look so worried? If you will share with me, maybe I can help you out." He did not reply to me and simply told me that I should mind my own business. Actually, I felt bad, but then I thought that maybe he is dealing with something big. Maybe he is going through things that I cannot even imagine. I coaxed him to talk to me again and for days, I did this until one day he decided that he would speak to me after the class gets over.

I waited patiently for Tom that day. He came to me and told me that he lost his father and mother in a car accident and he stays with his uncle. As he is lonely, he has developed a learning disability in life. He cannot concentrate in the class; he is unaware of what is taught to him. He cannot cope up with the pressure of learning. I knew that he had a problem and now I became sure. I felt sorry and hugged him tightly. I told him that he is not alone and I will always be there for him as a friend. I not only gave him much needed support in life. I also helped him with his learning disability. As I am good with academics, I also taught him lessons.

Tom has changed and I am happy for him, he smiles a lot now and plays with other classmates and friends.

I cherish the bond that I share with Tom. He is my best friend!


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