Black man is capable

Roque25jnr2021/10/14 16:44

How the black man suffered in the hands of the whites

Black man is capable

Our colour is admirable,

Our character, very acceptable

Our values are viable

We have a culture very comfortable.

The black man is able in his own table.

Oh yeah,

The black man can manage his own affairs

That can lead him to the highest stairs

The black man would do his own things with fair

If even it demands removing our hair

We won't hesitate to breathe the air

We are working in pair..

They came and took our gold

The black man never knew how it was sold

They killed our bold

Leaving us cold

You don't need to be told

Because that's what history hold.

They took our minerals from the sea

But we could not see

Because we were lacking vitamin C

That was the era of our pieces.

Today, we are now at a peace.

Our vision,

Was not to buy television

But to make provision

And kill our subversion

With proper supervision

For our own independence.

The black man was capable

He is capable

Because he was able.


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