Unendingch2021/10/02 02:21

This is a poems call for people to come back to their cross

Clarion call

Clarion call

A troop of army has been sent forth

with their cross on their shoulders, deployed to his place.

Victory assured by the Master.

"Only he who walks

with His cross unshattered

Will get enthroned at this palace above, fearless combatant.

My cross is heavily light.

Heavy to the pleasure petitioners.

Light to the burden bearers.

Delight or burden has not eternity."

Shall being uncovered,

Being without substance,

Wanting integral comforts

Make us abandon our cross?

Soldiers are long gone from their parts.

Enticed by pleasures temporal.

The fair cross tugged in silt.

Heed this call, Soldiers of the cross


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