Canned fish and chili (thon wlhrror)

Fouads12021/09/30 12:54

If you want to know about the cheapest and most delicious fast food for the Moroccan people, they will tell you โ€œthe tuna and harour.โ€ This is a meal that a Moroccan young man cannot but be interested in in its pleasure despite its simplicity and simple ingredients consisting of canned fish and a mixture of hot peppers. These two simple ingredients may make you one of Lovers of this meal, and the truth is that when I remembered to publish it to you, dear ones, I brought back many indelible memories, no matter how much I remembered this meal, it was really an inexpensive way out for a feeling of satiety and pleasure together. Thancks for support me friends Follow me and support me ihave more ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ


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