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Good friend last forever


Good friend

One thing life has taught me is never to judge a friend by their inability to come through for me when I need them. You see, sometimes we assume everyone is okay and expect too much from them before we even find out what situation they are in. You could be getting mad at someone for not standing by you when you needed help yet maybe the person was going through something worse, only they kept it to themselves. A good friend will understand you in both your presence and absence.

I have heard people say "but where was he/she when I was down?" Fine, you could have been down, but did you bother to find out why he/she didn't come through? Maybe, just maybe she was in a deeper pit than you but put up a brave face. Great friendships have ended this way, due to pure assumptions. I have come to understand humans as they are. Sometimes we just have to give people the break they need and don't use it against them. As long as they are purely on a break and not using it to bring you down, let's learn to give friends the spring they need to bounce back. .....and when they finally bounce back from their break, shall we embrace them?

Let's not be quick to talk ill of others.

It doesn't cost a dime to keep calm and let be.

Let's embrace humanity, it's all we got.

And to you who has two faces for convenience, the convenience will one day be on you. But we are cool, cooler than a cucumber. Worry not, we shall stand by you just show you what real friends are meant to do.



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