Ultimate Steps to Reliably Resolve Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error

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Ultimate Steps to Reliably Resolve Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error

Users can easily secure their data and safeguard them by using the Intuit data protect tool. But sometimes, there might be issues while running the tool, which can lead to the Intuit data protect has stopped working error, which can arise due to some common causes, like an outdated QuickBooks or incorrect IDP login details. You can resolve the Intuit data protect suddenly stops working error by using the quick steps given below.

If the resolution steps provided in this blog seem too technical and the solutions seem challenging, you can call our team of QB technicians at +1-855-738-2784 to get immediate help with the IDP issues in the app.

List of Common Reasons and Factors Leading to the Intuit Data Protect Error

The Intuit online backup not working error can arise due to the main causes and possible scenarios mentioned below -

  1. Essential Windows components, like the NET framework, might not be running correctly, and the components might be broken, damaged, or corrupted in the PC.

  2. The IDP settings might be misconfigured, and the Intuit data protect login details might be incorrect or outdated.

  3. The Intuit data protect utility might not be correctly installed, and the installation process might be faulty or corrupted in the system.

  4. The IDP server address might not be a part of the trusted web address in IE, and the IE settings might be misconfigured.

  5. The Windows firewall or an anti-virus app might be misconfigured to block QuickBooks from running the IDP function.

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Essential Steps to Successfully Remove the QuickBooks IDP Not Working Error

The Intuit data protect no longer working error can be easily rectified by using the reliable steps given below -

Solution 1 - Add IDP as a Firewall Exception from the Run Window of the Start Tab

You can eliminate the Intuit data protect is no longer working error message by adding IDP to the firewall exception list.

  1. Run the Firewall.cpl command from the Run tab and choose the Allow an App through Windows Firewall option to hit the Allow Another App button.

  2. Navigate to the Program Files folder and select QBIDPService.exe from the Intuit Data Protect folder to choose Open.

  3. Select Network Types and checkmark the Private checkbox to hit the Add button, followed by adding the IntuitDataProtect.exe and IBUenghost.exe files.

Solution 2 - Activate the Diagnostic Utility for IDP to Run the Scan Process

You can fix the IDP issues by running the diagnostic tool to scan the utility in the following manner -

  1. Locate the IDP icon to right-click on it and choose the About Intuit Data Protect option, followed by pressing the F2 key.

  2. Run the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool and choose the Run Diagnostics option to detect general issues and check if the "IDP not working" error is resolved.


The Intuit data protect has stopped working error can be quickly addressed by using the reliable steps given in this blog. In case these solutions seem ineffective and the IDP utility isn't working, you can call our QB support team at +1-855-738-2784 to get direct help with the error.

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