Digital Art/Comic Art

Alex Ade2021/09/12 04:21

Hi, Thanks for viewing. This is my first time publishing here. Art/Photo Created by ME using: (Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition) (Clip Studio Paint EX) (Wacom MobileStudio Pro) (iPad Pro & Apple Pencil) After days of studying where to get started. Thank God. Finally, Another great choice for the studio is the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition. What I like about this pen tablet is that you have the ability to use the drawing paper of your choice. In doing so, there's a lesser chance of losing that hand-eye connection that is so often lacking when using pen tablets. If you need help in getting started, check out this round-up of tools: VIEW AT AMAZON; Clip Studio Paint EX; Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13; iPad Pro & Apple Pencil; Your Comment and Tips will be Highly Appreciated.


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