Tears2021/09/08 23:21

Tell me you've not been hurt before and I'll have hope in humanity! The older we get the more vulnerable we become because we think our experiences have made us handle relationships better...the past made us stronger...deceits more clear...forgiveness more obvious....the uncertainities predictable....our love certainly decisional and mostly WE BECOME LIBERAL. As I sit right here almost 2am in the night Kenyan time I am filled with tears. Because aging has not protected my heart from being broken. Dating and experience has not made me immune to emotions. Compromise has not provided me with my soulmate. Tears run down my cheeks because I am no longer a child but a mature lady crushed in my vulnerabilities. Love has no school, heartbreaks have no degrees. The older I get the more I fear to love unconditionally and whole heartedly and miss out on true happiness. I am still crying because the world cannot save me from myself and I cannot tell who to give these broken pieces anew.


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