A Woman and Her three Children who is the Thief? (Read to have fun)

Destinyokpala2021/09/05 20:12

There was a woman who lived with her three children named, Tommi, the oldest daughter, Tinu, the second daughter and Tunde, the youngest, and being the only male child. She has a Goat, some chickens, a Dog and a Cat. This woman always cooks delicious food which her children always complement. Her children have so many friends that do come and play with them at home. One day, she cooked food and went to pray. One of her children sneaked into the kitchen and ate some part of the food. When she came back, she saw that part of the food has been tampered. She called out her three children and asked, “Who tampered with the food in the pot?” Tommi said, “I don’t know o, maybe you should ask Tinu.” Tinu said, “Is not me. Maybe Tunde can explain better.” And Tunde said, “I did not enter into the kitchen. But I saw the Goat within the Kitchen area today. Maybe you should ask the goat.” To complete reading the story check "The New African American Story Book" on Amazon


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