Meaningless love

Mahi2021/09/05 18:52

Love is a thing that is broken when it is low and cheated when it is high. Even people just want love. It is for this love that the world survives today.

Meaningless love

People want love, only for this one thing the world survives.

Love keeps people together, awakens a sense of brotherhood in people. Love builds people as ideal love. But excess love leads people to death. Thousands of people in the world commit suicide for love. People do so much for love, there is an original story in all the history of the world that is just love.

This lack is most common in humans. Someone gets love, and someone gets love.

It is a medicine for all diseases, it is a medicine which is more but less harmful.People want love, but many lose even if they get it. But love comes in everyone's life one day or another just in time.


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