Badagry (Slavery documentary)

Africana2021/09/03 16:08

Badagry is a small town located between Lagos and the Seme border and is now renowned for its slave trade museum. Many Nigerian schools bring their students to the Badagry museum mainly to learn about the slave trade era. The museum features relics like slave chains and other items used for exchange between the colonists and African leaders. We learnt about the slave trade history which took place in Badagry around 19th century. In badagry, it is amazing to see comprehensive collection of slave trade history and relics. One will marvelled at the untamed energy of the slaves and some of them were able to survive all they went through. There are jaw-dropping images that describe what really happened during the slave trade era in the museum.

A statue of a slave trade couple

Slave Drinking cup

Slave trade ship replica

Chains for slaves

Western Heritage

The first place Christianity was first taught. Under the Agia tree

Statue of Rev. Townsend

Statue showing the sorrowful tears of a slave

Slave point in badagry

Slave route

Attenuation well spot

Attenuation well

Slave route, point of no return

Beauty of badagry sea


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