Uses for salt around the home

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Things salt can do at home

Uses for salt around the home

Uses for salt around the home

1. Keep artificial & natural flowers in place

Artificial flowers are a fantastic alternative to the real deal - a good bunch will look realistic and save you a fortune in the long run.

It can be tricky to keep them from falling, so set them in place with this clever hack: fill a vase with salt then add some cold water. Arrange the flowers and the salt should soon solidify, keeping your flowers in place.

For natural flowers, use larger Epsom Salts to keep your flowers anchored in place. We think they look quite pretty but, if you don't like the look of salt in a vase, simply use a vase that isn't see-through.

2.Refresh artificial flowers

Whilst we're on the topic of artificial flowers, salt can also be used to keep them clean and dust-free.

Place your flowers into a paper bag filled with some table salt and gently shake. It will remove any traces of dirt and they'll look spotless again.

3. Clean flower residue from vases

Flowers can leave our once shiny vases in a right mess thanks to the mineral deposits they leave behind.

To get rid of any staining and get the glass shining again, sprinkle some salt onto a sponge and use it to gently 'exfoliate' the stains. Then, wash thoroughly with warm soapy water. If you can't get into a narrow vase, fill it up with saltwater, shake it and use a toothbrush or bottle brush to get at stains.

4. Restore a sponge and make it last longer

Sponges can look grubby quickly and often end up in the bin when they could really be used for longer.

To restore your sponges and make them go further, soak them in a solution of 1/4 cup of salt per 1 litre of water. Air dry them or pop them on the radiator the next day and they'll be good as new.

5. Keep wicker looking new

Wicker can look so pretty, but it's not easy to look after. As it ages, exposure to the sun means yellowing is common.

To keep it from discolouring, gently scrub your furniture every 6 - 12 months with a stiff brush dipped in warm salt water and let them air dry.

NOTE: This is a preventative method and won't remove any existing discolouring - sob!

6. Put out a fire

Fires are great to have on those cold, winter nights, but what do you do with them when you're ready for bed?

If they're still burning brightly, throw some salt onto the flames. This will help the fire burn out more quickly, not only reducing the danger, but also the mess caused.

7. Deodorise your trainers and other shoes

What's that smell? Is it a matter of smelly feet, or are your shoes to blame? Trainers, canvas shoes and ballet pumps - especially when worn without socks - can get pretty pongy. They make your whole house stink!

Get into the habit of deodorising them every night with by sprinkling a small amount of salt inside - it will soak up any lingering smells leaving them fresher in the morning.

Baby powder also works well, sprinkle some into your shoes and feet every morning to keep smells at bay.

8. Remove lipstick marks from glassware

Long-lasting lipsticks are designed to withstand water, which might explain why lipstick stains are so stubborn! If your post-party glasses are covered in red stains, salt can help you remove them.

Give your glasses a quick scrub with salt before washing or popping into the dishwasher and those stains will soon lift off.

9. Get your fish tank sparkling again

Fish tanks don't look so pretty when they're dirty.

Similarly to vase cleaning, you can remove mineral deposits found in fish tanks with the use of non-iodized salt. Empty the water from your tank and rub salt into the glass using a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

10. Prevent your new towels from fading in the wash

Bright colours are prone to running and fading, especially during their first few washes.

If you've just bought some brightly coloured towels, you'll love this tip. For their first few washes, simply add 1-2 cups of salt into the washing machine drum and it'll help prevent any colour-running.

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