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Cry of an orphan

Section 1 - Cry of an orphan 1

Kumar2021/08/21 20:20

A rich blessed couple Willam and Jennifer had been married for seven years with no one to call their son or daughter. Despite the fact that they were childless, they rendered help to the needy sometimes, they paid visits to orphanage homes to help the orphans unknown to his wife, Willam had developed the thought of adopting one of the orphans. The more he visited the orphanage home , the stronger his bond with the orphan grew. One day, he decided to tell his wife about it since he could no longer hold on to his thought.

"Dear, I think we should adopt one of these helpless children, " he suggested On their way back from the orphanage home. "Who knows, it might be the gate way to having our own children, " he said.

" Which helpless children ?" She asked, pretending not to understand.

"I mean the orphans."

"Kojo dear!" She responded. "So you want the world to make a mockery of me, eh ? Do not tell me you aren't having faith anymore, " she said. "I do have faith. But faith without work is dead, " he said in an attempt to defend his stance.

"I don't know how I anyway adoption is an act of faith or faith in action, " she blunty said.

" So, you mean"

" We are not adopting. Period!" She concluded.