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A quick hug


A Hug

A Hug
It’s end of my first day at school… Miss Ugo asks us to hug each other. I don’t like hugs because it is always always painful. I don’t know why we have to hug even in school.
I didn’t want to disobey Miss Ugo and become a bad pupil. So I turned away from the class and began to remove my clothes. After removing my clothes and also my pants, I looked around for a clean space to lie down.
I found a space, laid down and spread my legs wide open. I wondered why everyone is taking time to get ready for “hug”. Someone has to take the lead I guess.
My teacher didn’t look very pleased, judging from her expression… Some of the kids covered their faces. “Poor kids” I thought, still lying on the floor. “They don’t even know what a hug is”, I continued in my head of course.
My teacher is approaching me, she looks angry now. I could tell because her cheeks are red. My mum’s face is usually that red whenever she is washing my body and I tell her my “Bum Bum”(V----a) is paining me. So my mum will get angry and her cheeks will turn red, sometimes she will cry and “not say anything”.
I don’t want my teacher to cry, so I got up. I’m beginning to get worried because I am still the only person who has no clothes on. I still can’t understand why my whole class does not know what a hug is or how to do it.
Well this once, maybe this once I have to believe my daddy. “This is a special kind of hugs Lucy”, my daddy would say amidst sweats. “It’s only for special girls” he would continue.
Maybe I really am special.
“Here! Put on your clothes and follow me”, Miss Ugo shrieked angrily.
In our proprietress office. I told “Big mummy” (that’s what they told us to call her) and Miss Ugo how my daddy “hugs” me every other night.
They were both in tears as I tell them that, the only part of hugs that I hated the most is when my daddy tries out his fingers one after the other until one fits inside my “bum bum” (V----a).
It’s already school over and my daddy will be mad if I don’t wait in my class like he had instructed.
Big mummy gives Miss Ugo a look, she picks up her desk phone and dials a number. Miss Ugo takes me outside and puts her arm around me… It felt so good.
“That is a hug” Miss Ugo whispers and breaks down in tears again.
“How can this be a hug? It wasn’t painful, I thought.
My daddy is around and Miss Ugo asks him to see Big mummy. Shortly after, 2 police officers came in and entered big mummy’s office. I can hear myself talk from big mummy’s cell phone. I sounded so funny, I let out a light chuckle.
The police came out of big mummy’s office with my father. His hands were tied behind his back. He looks angry. I knew I am in trouble.
We didn’t go home. We went to the hospital in big mummy’s car. Miss Ugo was beside me the whole time until the Doctor asks me to follow him. He removes my pant, collects torchlight from the nurse and looks into my “bum bum” (V----a). I closed my eyes expecting pains but he didn’t put his fingers inside. He puts off the light and talks to the nurse who jots down what he said. He helps me wear my pant and takes me back to meet big mummy and miss Ugo.
Back in Big Mummy’s car, Miss Ugo calls out our address for Big mummy.
We got to my house and my mum came out. She didn’t say anything as usual. She just brought out a big placard that reads “I AM DEAF and ALSO DUMB”.
Big mummy and Miss Ugo started crying again. I have had enough already, so I joined them to cry and my mum followed suit.


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