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This is the 2nd Poem I have ever written. Same age as I wrote 'Life As A Poet.' So I'd have been 13 or 14 when I wrote this.

Beauty lays further than what the eye can see.
Beauty lays in emotions of complete tranquility.
Beauty surrounds me.

The heavenly sounds of birds chirping, the waters drifting, trees softly trembling, and even the sun positioned warmly on my skin.
Beauty is within the breeze which smoothly grazes itself along the Earth's surface with grass dancing and I... I get lost in such peace.
It soothes my imprisoned soul and for a moment.. I swear time sits still.
The grace of the clouds slowly drifting can make me dizzy.

Dizzy from being overwhelmed with such beauty.
The beauty of nature, the beauty of life never fails to amaze me.
Isn't it incredible how every little thing has its own significance?
Even you, and even I, we all do.
The world is powerless to what can be achieved.

Only we, ourselves set our own limits and that is why I believe that nothing is impossible.
Planes! They enable us to fly! How cool is that?! Absolutely absurd!
Now.. When I look at you I see all of the impossible things one can dream such as.. Achieving consistent excellent marks in school! Or having a million bucks! Or even achieving your dream job!

But what if I told you people have already achieved all of that? We all know people do.
However, I believe you can achieve it too if you don't hold yourself back!
I know I sound out of whack but I am pretty sure everyone can agree that we are our own worst enemy..
If we all released our negative energy in exchange of positivity to ourselves I can only imagine how high we'd fly!

Anything is possible if you only believe.. 
And I believe in every single one of you and the brilliant minds we all have is incomprehendable in a sense of doing the impossible!
We all have the power to forge our own destiny..
Now THAT to me is a beauty.

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