[PDF/Kindle] Kidnapping Grimm - Grimm Inheritance Chronicles, #1 by E.R. Brookes

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Kidnapping Grimm - Grimm Inheritance Chronicles, #1 pan E.R. Brookes


  • Kidnapping Grimm - Grimm Inheritance Chronicles, #1

  • E.R. Brookes

  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

  • ISBN: 9798890710055

  • Editeur: E.R. Brookes

  • Date de parution: 2023

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Faye Grimm thought there was no such thing as Faeries, and nightmares were nothing more than bad dreams. Until the Fey stole her away and she discovered her last name was more than just a coincidence. Eight years later, she and her family are still trying to come to terms with the terrifying world that has invaded their lives-a world that now threatens to claim her younger sisters, Ember and Evadne.
Faye has devised a reckless plan to save her sisters from her fate, but before she can carry it out the unthinkable happens-she is kidnapped by a group of mere humans. In retaliation Ember and Evadne are dragged into the dark and dangerous Faerie Realm where they can only trust each other as an unstoppable, inherited power blooms within them. Caught between Summer and Winter Courts in an age-old struggle for power and control, the girls fight to keep hold of who they are.
Both courts believe that Ember and Evadne are the twins from an ancient prophecy, but no one can see the darker hand pulling the strings beneath it all. A figure entangling them in secrets, and seeking to unveil an even greater evil with the girls' blood. Desperate to return to the Realm to help her sisters, Faye is doing everything she can to escape her kidnapper Ronan, despite the mind numbing drugs forced into her system every day.
As she struggles to outwit Jeremiah, the true mastermind behind her kidnapping, the truth about why she was taken slowly begins to emerge. As the net of deception tightens around her, Faye must decide who she can trust and what to believe. Once she chooses her path, there will be no turning back. Fate and shadowy forces beyond Jeremiah's madness push her toward the dark truth; buried within the bones of the past lurks a danger with the power to unravel the present. 

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