A while

Lirik2021/08/08 16:29

A lyrical poem by lirik .tip and comment if you like it.

A while

It's been a while since we had the original.

Its been a while since we had the bean stalk elevating us to the heights of life for.

Being blind to the ways of mankind like a baby on rifles,a lie for a penny,not worth risking my life for

My senses in bunches,you can untie four

Peace to the world like ghandhi resting in pieces,I'm just anti war

More room on my table ,u can come by though

I'm social distancing with the pen

But I keep no inch with the quill like 2 by 4s

And calculated times 2 pi 4.

Enough with the wordplay when the ecosystem redacted

Induct em,unable to save the earth from death ,my heart was filled with sadness

After the world I once loved was lost, loneliness had us

I'm crushing into this fatal madness

When the mad is, Erasmus

For reforming the church and leading scholar rennaiscence

The essence , of being human is the impact of our presence and generations to depress us with devastation and impressive tech

But unable to follow the principals

They must've been skipping classes and lessons

Classics less and , violence on every corner

Trying to block the voice ,they want you silenced .

It's been a while since bodies weren't artificial, natural like artefacts

I can't let your genetic make-up

Alter facts

Generic ,no more Mecca with plastic faces

The normal maker of the people I once knew doesn't need any braces ,Caz it's racist when u blackout and white wash my mess

Yes my race ain't with time pieces but bracelets .


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