The points accounts only when, millions others, follow now and then

thedarkeststranger2021/07/19 05:58
The points accounts only when, millions others, follow now and then

Let me spit these rhymes first, before I get, to the points, and topic worst, 

Then the pick, of your crimes, sicking artist, to rehearse,

From the core, sweating pore, swearing shore, with the daily chore, 

To study, with a buddy, for a lady, to be daddy, and be quite shady, 

With the quiet passion, tearing nights, with compassion, wearing whites, onto mansion, 

Gearing diet, with a pension, while hearing, me right from, the pension, 

Cheating the bloody, diddy tension, to beat the Jade e-invasion, 

Sorry, I forgot, to speak, about the muddy tears, that leak, 

Not for a chick, but to be, a chic, quite weak, 

By the right pick, sighing the flight prick, denying the fright dick, while dying, as a mighty geek, 

Who wanna empty, that pity creek, who beak on, this freak, whenever he, breaks the brick, 

Of the olden golden treasures, folding leisure, with a flick, 

Untold pleasure, like meek, un solded, by the creature, who lead, 

A damn competition, to file their lambs, a petition, 

Too lit, a mile, with citation, delighting the bite, with cry nation, 

Who drip worries, for a mark, just to bury, the dreary barks, of weary, 

Failures who beg, for scary, ten or twenty points, to fill their empty joints, 

By the emblem, in notes, and coins, to sell their loins, while rebelling, with points, 

To let them live, maybe the failed life, at the start, 

To part, their believing wife, while hailing the glorious cart, 

With the anxious dart, stabbing the crabs, who fart, 

Their worthless prediction, to make them, an addiction, for our heart, 

Rebirthing the vicious brain, you may flirt, with spacious lane, 

Where thorny bane, reign the corny crane, to lift you up, with pain, 

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